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HORTÍCOLAS MADRID S.L. has its head office at Finca Los Triviños, 30591 – Balsicas, Murcia (SPAIN). Its TIN is B30903280. HORTÍCOLAS MADRID S.L. can modify and update the information contained in its website or the configuration or the presentation of such at any time without having to give notification in advance.

HORTÍCOLAS MADRID S.L. does its utmost to make sure that the information available on its website is appropriate, clear and understandable. Insofar as possible, it makes sure that there are no mistakes in the content, but if there are, it corrects and updates them, where appropriate.

However, HORTÍCOLAS MADRID S.L. cannot guarantee that there are no errors or that the information on its website is always up-to-date. The intellectual property rights of the content, texts, guides, distinctive corporate signs, et altera of this Website are the property of HORTÍCOLAS MADRID S.L. and whenever appropriate, of the rest of the entities mentioned herein, which are protected by the Spanish legal system and by the applicable international and EU regulations.

The unauthorised reproduction, distribution, marketing or the processing of the content of this website –apart from in circumstances that are legally provided for in terms of private and personal use, is considered to be a violation of the intellectual property rights of HORTÍCOLAS MADRID S.L. or whoever is the owner of it.

It is forbidden to totally or partially reproduce, distribute, market or process any of the content of the website without obtaining the prior written authorisation from HORTÍCOLAS MADRID S.L. Printing and downloading extracts of the content of the Bodega Madrid Romero website is only allowed for personal and private use.

Requests to do so must be sent to Finca Los Triviños, 30591 – Balsicas, Murcia (Spain). HORTÍCOLAS MADRID S.L. must be informed first before exercising the right to quote content, as the owner of the extracts of the content or documents referred to, as well as the website as the source of information, where appropriate. If the extracts of the content or documents included in the website are owned by a third party, the “© [name of the owner] must be stated according to how it is published in the Bodega Madrid Romero website. In any case, it must be informed in writing sent to Finca Los Triviños, 30591 – Balsicas, Murcia (SPAIN).

HORTÍCOLAS MADRID S.L. is not responsible for third parties misusing this website or for the information that is passed on through it to third parties. The content available on this website is for information purposes only, which means that users are solely responsible for how they use it and the possible consequences, damage or losses caused.

HORTÍCOLAS MADRID S.L. is entitled to take any legal action that it deems appropriate in the event that third parties illegally use the content of its website.

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